I. Name :
II. Occupation :
III. Contact Details:
Lay Catholic Missionary
#13, G-5, Vintage Prime Apts,
4th Main, 4th Block, HBR Layout
Bangalore – 560043, India
Mobile +91-9243107085
Email: colin.calmiano@gmail.com
Website: www.spreadyourwings.in

IV. Education and Formation :
• Bachelor of Commerce
• Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
• Course in Effective Family Communication
• PRH (Personality and Human Relationships)
• EV2000 School of Evangelization
• Course in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
• ICPE School of Evangelization, Germany
• ICPE FMS(Formation in Mission Spirituality) in Malta
• Alpha Animators training course
• Advanced Leadership Skills from Haggai Institute,
• National Commission for Proclamation in India

– 1978-1980
– 1981-82
– December 1983
– 1984
– Jan – Apr1992
– May 1993
– Jan- April 1996
– May 2002- Jan 2003
– October 2004
– March 2005
– 2010

V. Work and Ministerial Experience

(i) 1980 – 1992 : Worked in different capacities. The last job was as a Programmer cum Systems Analyst in a computer firm

(ii) 1976 – 2002 : Involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

(a) : Prayer group leader of Bread of Life from 1988 to 1996.
The Group size 250-300 people meeting on a weekly
basis for 90 minutes of Praise and Worship, Proclamation of
the Word of God and Fellowship.

(b) : Went into Full-time ministry in the year 1992

(c) : Chairman of the Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewa from 1996 to 2002
{Which co-ordinates all activities of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Bangalore.}

(iii) 1999 – 2006 : Covenant member of the Institute for World Evangelization

– ICPE Mission in India.
Main areas of responsibilities :
• Responsible for formation of the community members
• In charge of overall Administration of the community
• Part of the Leadership Team

(iv) Dec 2006 : Founded
SPREAD YOUR WINGS [www.spreadyourwings.in]
Leadership Institute
Focus on Christian Leadership & In-depth Discipleship

(v) May 2013 : Founder and Sr Coordinator
Disciples of Christ Covenant Community

VI. Highlights of Spiritual activities

(a) International:

Conducted several 4-5 day Leadership Training programmes in

(a) Abu Dhabi for Catholic leaders from the Middle East

(b) USA(Chicago) for Catholic Leaders from the U.S

(c) UK(Coventry) for Catholic leaders from Europe

(d) Bangkok (Thailand) for leaders from South-East Asia and Oceania

(e) UK(Coventry) Follow-up for leaders and programmes for couples

(f) Malaysia – for Catholic Youth Leaders, Prayer groups and Communities

(g) Philippines – Catholic Community, Baguio, Manila, Davao, Cagaya De Ora

(h) Australia : Youth Leadership, Parish and Prayer Groups Programs, Couples retreats, Discipleship retreats In Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

(i) New Zealand: Youth Leadership Programs and parishes

(j) Indonesia – Youth/Charismatic Renewal/Parish Leadership and Pastoral Care Programs, Couples Retreats In Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Pontianak, Bali

(k) UAE : Conducted Leadership, Discipleship and couples retreat in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

(l) Kenya : Taught on a Youth Formation School 2013

(m) Tanzania: Preached retreats to parishes

Conducted a four day Leadership Seminar for the National youth Leaders of Indonesia in Bali. 300 youth leaders participated.

Conducted a two day Leadership Seminar for the Jesus Youth Leaders of Singapore. 6o youth leaders participated.

Preached at the Pentecost Rally in Jakarta, Indonesia. 3000 participated.

Conducted a 10 day Discipleship Camp for 70 Youth in Jakarta, Indonesia

Speaker at Faith Conference in Bahrain

Conducted Couples retreat and youth retreats in Muscat, Malaysia

Preached a Four day Evangelization retreat in Sri Lanka

Pastoral Care Retreat for Leaders in Malaysia and Indonesia and how to implement the Pastoral Care System

Preached Men’s retreat in Jakarta, Indonesia

Preached retreats/programmes in:

Germany, Albania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Poland, USA, Bangkok, UK, Australia, UAE, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Muscat, New Zealand, Tanzania, Kenya, Hong Kong

Member of Staff on the School of Evangelization conducted by ICPE Mission from Nov 1996 – Apr 1997 in Germany

Participated in the Council Meeting of Youth Arise International (YAI) held in the Philippines in March 1999

Member of Staff on the School of Evangelization conducted by ICPE Mission from Apr – May 2001 in Jakarta Indonesia

Attended the International Coordinators Meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic hosted by Sword of the Spirit Community

(b) National

Conducted a one month School of mission in Assam for 30 participants in 1992

Taught on Schools of Evangelization (1-3 months duration ) conducted by the ICPE mission in India from 2000-2006

Taught on Discipleship Training School(DTS) conducted by the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in India in the October 2005

Preached many In-Depth Discipleship retreats (3-5 days) all over India (1992 to date)

Regular speaker at Youth Conventions and Family retreats in Divine Retreat Centre (Potta) Kerala since 1995.

Led and preached more than 500 initiation Charismatic retreats (3-7 days) (Life in the Spirit) all over India to youth, Laity and occasionally to religious and priests since 1992.

Led Praise and Worship at the All India Silver Jubilee Catholic Charismatic Convention in Mumbai for 20,000 people in the December 1997.

Conducted Leadership Training programme ( 3-5 days) in different parts of India since 2006

Preached many In-Depth Discipleship retreats in different parts of India .

Conducted programmes in Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh (North-East)

Preached at the Jesus Youth Silver Jubilee Conference which was attended by 22,000 youth

Taught on many Discipleship Camps for youth. (4-10 days)

Preached at Kairos 2008-National Youth Convention organised by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Over 8000 Youth participated

Conducted several Stewardship Retreats for Priest, Sisters and Laity

Preached Men’s retreat in Pune

Preached at Kairos 2015-National Youth Convention organised by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Over 2000 Youth participated

(c) Priests and Religious

Leadership Training Program for Priests and religious of Gulberga Diocese

Leadership Training Program for Sisters-Provincials and formators

Evangelization retreat for the priests and religious of Krishna Nagar diocese, West Bengal, 2012,2013,2014

Resource person at the Prabhu Yesu Mahotsav – First Indian Mission Congress held in Mumbai

Speaker at the National Seminar for Regional Directors- Proclamation Commission (CCBI)

Conducted a 5 day Seminar on “Evangelization” for Carmelite sisters – Karnataka Province.

Conducted a 3 day Seminar on “Evangelization” for Salesian sisters.

Resource for The Philip Course conducted for parishes and seminarians

Resource person for the Priests retreat in Velankanni – 2013,2014,2016

Resource person for the Priests retreat in Khammam (Andhra Pradesh) 2014

Spreaker at the National Youth Animators & Chaplin’s Training Program in Bangalore-2014,2015

Resource person for the Religious Program in Delhi-2015

Resource person for Priests retreat in Logos retreat centre, Bangalore

Resource person for Priests retreat in Jakarta, Indonesia

(d) Local

Leadership Training programmes for Provincials, Superiors and Formators of Carmelite Sisters, Bethany Sisters, Fatima Sisters, and Holy Cross Sisters.

Conducted Leadership Training programme ( 3-5 days) in Bangalore for Leaders in India since 2005.

Preached at the Silver Jubilee Catholic Charismatic Convention in Bangalore for 20,000 people in the year 2000.

Led and preached many initiation Charismatic retreats (Life in the Spirit) [3-7 days] to youth, Laity and occasionally to religious and priests.

Preached many In-Depth Discipleship retreats (3-5 day)

Corporate Leadership Training Programs for two leading Companies in Bangalore

Preached at Various prayer groups and retreat centres in Bangalore

Preached Men’s retreat in Bangalore

Regular speaker at Youth Conventions and Family retreats in Logos Retreat Centre

Preached at the Logos Youth and Family Convention. Over 3000 participated

VII. Family

    Colin is married to Priya and they have two children Michael and Marika.

    They reside in Bangalore, India

About Me

I my mind I thought "how good it will be if someone could train leaders in the Catholic Church." I heard the Lord tell me "Will you do it?" This time I was willing and available.

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