Leadership Modules

An incisive study on how to maximize your potential as a Christian Leader. Excellent for understanding the expectations and demands of a leader according to the Bible. Empowers leaders to apprehend their role in the eyes of God and man.

Module 1

Being a Leader : Characteristics of a good leader
Servant Leader
Leading by Example
Pitfalls of a Leader
Ten Commandments for Leadership
Setting Priorities and Goals

Module 2

The Burning Bush Experience
Qualities of a Leader – According to St Paul
Managing our Time
A Leader and Prayer
Resolving Conflicts-1
Resolving Conflicts-2

Module 3
The Leader as a Shepherd
Relying on God’s Guidance
A Leader and Scripture
Spiritual Leadership
Goal Setting for Leaders
The Need & Urgency to Evangelize

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I my mind I thought "how good it will be if someone could train leaders in the Catholic Church." I heard the Lord tell me "Will you do it?" This time I was willing and available.

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