In Depth Discipleship

Module 1

The Call to Discipleship
Response to the Call to Discipleship
Conversion of Heart
Qualities of a Disciple-Session 1
Qualities of a Disciple-Session 2
Setting Priorities and Goals

Module 2

The need for 0n-going formation
Cardinal sins and the five precepts of the Church
Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Develping Habits that will change your life
Bearing fruit as a Disciple
Walking in the Spirit

Module 3

Burning Bush Experience – Encountering the Lord in a personal way
Holiness in the life of a Disciple
Commitment to the Call
Renewal of the mind
Sanctifying speech
Controlled by the Holy Spirit

Module 4

Knowing the Will of God
Righteousness of God
How to handle temptation
Authority and Subordination
Cost of Discipleship

Module 5

Living the New Life (Effects of the Cross)
God’s Guidance
Victorious Christian Living
What will you have me do Lord?

Module 6

Being a Disciple of Jesus ( Talk of Being a leader)
Servant hood
Common pitfalls of a Disciple
Resolving conflicts } two Sessions
Resolving conflicts }
Having a Burden for Souls

Module 7

The Call to Evangelise
Methods of Evangelisation
Qualities of an Evangeliser
One-to-One Evangelisation [2 sessions]
The Good News
The World Today
Nine Attitudes of an Evangeliser
Having a Burden for Souls


Recommended: LIVE-IN
Saturday: Prayer Walk
Sunday: One-To-One

Module 8

Handling Our Finances
Budgeting and Planning
Saving and Investment
Raising Support
Time Management


Transfer of Ownership
Budgeting and Planning-Exercise

Note: The above are just some of the modules…..

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I my mind I thought "how good it will be if someone could train leaders in the Catholic Church." I heard the Lord tell me "Will you do it?" This time I was willing and available.

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