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It was in the year 1996, that the Lord put the call to train and form people. This happened during the ICPE School of Evangelization in Germany. I was a participant. I remember very clearly it was the week of the Holy Spirit and we had a guest speaker Rick Riding from Belgium. During one of the worship sessions suddenly the guest speaker called out the names of two people. A priest from Ghana and my name and he asked us to come forward. He laid his hands on me and prophesied saying “the Lord is going to use you to form and train leaders in India.” Another staff on the school said that it will have ripple effects in India and it will cross borders.

After the morning session was over, Rick Riding called me and gave me the tape in which the prophesy was recorded. He told me “Pray about it, but don’t make it happen. It may take one year or it may take ten years. Leave it to the Lord.”

After the school I returned to Bangalore, India. Being back in India and getting involved in mission, I did not think much about the prophecy. I listened to the tape just once and forgot all about it. I misplaced the tape and had no opportunity to listen to it again.

In the year 2005, I had the opportunity to attend the advanced Leadership Training seminar offered by Haggai Institute in Singapore. It was during this seminar that the Lord once again reminded me of the call to train and form leaders. I my mind I thought “how good it will be if someone could train leaders in the Catholic Church.” I heard the Lord tell me “Will you do it?” This time I was willing and available.

I returned to Bangalore after the Haggai Seminar and shared with my wife Priya, what the Lord had impressed upon my heart. We started to pray and in a very short time the Lord made it clear that this was part of His plan. We quickly prepared a brochure and during one of our times of morning prayer, while we were praying the Divine Office, that the Lord gave us the name “SPREAD YOUR WINGS” from Deut 32:11 as the name of the ministry.

In the year 2006 SPREAD YOUR WINGS as a Leadership Institute was born, exactly ten years since the prophecy. Today SPREAD YOUR WINGS has trained Leaders in many parts of India and also in many countries like, USA, UAE, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.
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I my mind I thought "how good it will be if someone could train leaders in the Catholic Church." I heard the Lord tell me "Will you do it?" This time I was willing and available.

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